Ladies 09/07/2019

My Matchday: Adekite Fatuga-Dada

The Golden Girls talk us through their matchday rituals, routines & habits.


I normally just wake up, get showered and ready, have something to eat then leave - nothing too exciting! One thing though, music is always playing from the minute I get up.


I can’t eat a lot before games so if it’s a 3pm kick off I’ll try and have a big breakfast rather than have two meals. I’ll have something light like popcorn on the way but anything too heavy is a no-go.


There's always music on in the car or coach on the way. I play it mainly through my headphones just so I can get myself to focus a bit. I’m quite anti-social before a game.


It's always Hip-Hop/Rap! A lot of J.Cole, Lil Baby and Bugzy Malone - that kind of vibe. Always the same playlist though - it's kind of a routine now.


Nike! I can’t wear anything else. I’ve worn Mercurials for a while now so would say those are my favourite at the moment.


I’m quite particular with my kit. I’ve always got to have undershorts on - no matter the weather - and I can only play in cut socks! I’ve got these pair of “lucky” Adidas crew socks that I have to wear on match day, and if it’s cold I’ll definitely have my snood and every layer possible on.


I have a few to be fair that I’ve mentioned already... the biggest one is probably the music/focus. I’ve found that if I don’t focus myself and listen to something that gets me going, I won’t have a good game.


I’ll normally shower, eat everything I see and watch the football if it’s still on by the time I get home! Normally my baby cousin will be around, so I’ll spend time with him and the rest of the family.


Club Statement: Phil Edwards

Further to recent media articles regarding the passing of Phil Edwards, the club has been contacted by individuals to discuss their concerns, which we are looking into.

We encourage anyone who has any concerns or information regarding Mr Edwards whilst he was providing services to the club, to contact us either by emailing or calling 01923 496374.

All communication will be treated in strictest confidence.

Watford Football Club take extremely seriously the allegations in today's media surrounding Phil Edwards during his time as a consultant physiotherapist at Vicarage Road. 

We understand there will be levels of concern at the accusations of historic abuse during a period in the 1990s and the club is determined to discover the veracity of these allegations and how they may have impacted on those who came in contact with Mr Edwards via Watford FC.

We would ask that anybody with concerns contacts the club on 01923 496374 or via

All communication will be dealt with in the strictest confidence by our safeguarding team and evidence gathered before determining the next course of action.