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Watford Welcomes: Zero Tolerance On Anti-Social Behaviour

Watford FC welcomes you all, and is rightly pleased of its long-held reputation as a family friendly club. We stand proud in promoting inclusion and diversity within our stadium.

As part of this on-going commitment, the club would like to remind all supporters that racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, chanting, anti-social behaviour or harassment is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest and ejection from Vicarage Road.
If supporters experience any form of anti-social behaviour, abuse or discrimination inside the stadium, please help us eliminate it by texting us on 07825 535269 or by reporting it using the free reporting app created by Kick It Out.

We will treat your message in the strictest confidence and take the necessary action against offending parties.
We have already issued a lifetime ban for two offenders so far this season and will not hesitate to take similar action in the future. Please help us keep Vicarage Road a place where all are welcome and to maintain our proud family club tradition.


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Holebas: “They Push Us On”

José Holebas was in typical straight-talking mode as he sat down to look ahead to Saturday's clash with Everton at Vicarage Road and made it very clear that the Hornets have to be totally focused on the game to come away with three points.

“I think it’s very important,” said the full-back. “It’s not a special thing because it’s Everton now or because it’s the old manager in Everton now, I think the boys know what it means now to get the points. 

“I think we did a good season until now, though we had some struggles in some games where we could win and lost the games and gave easy points away. But that’s also a learning process as well. 

“We’ve done great so far and everyone is giving 100% in every game.”

The 34-year old left-back has a winning mentality ever engrained in him and wants the home supporters to play their part too.

“They just push us on,” said the former Greek international. “I think that’s also a little bit of showing respect as well. After the game we will see. 

“If we win the game, we are fine, if we draw we are not. I see that as a loss as well if it’s a draw. I think that the boys are really up for it and will try to give their best to win the game and let’s see how the fans push us into it.”

The visit of the Toffees sees former Head Coach Marco Silva returning to Vicarage Road for the first time of course, and Holebas – who was left out of the side for a spell last season by Silva – doesn't feel he has a point to prove.

“I have nothing to prove, but it’s like an extra motivation for me,” said Holebas. “I think I already showed him he was wrong about me. I’m seeing it as a normal game, that's it.”

“I think he knows that we are a strong and tough opponent. He rested some players for our game. We had a better rest, so there are no excuses like we are tired or anything. We just have to be really focused on the game.”

Holebas is set to make his 100th appearance for the club if selected against the Toffees, ironically against the same opponent that he made his debut.

He feels that developing consistency in the team will be a mark of progress this season and that is his aim.

“I am trying to give my best for the team to be really consistent and try to be top ten in the table – I’m not targeting anything else,” said the defender. “In the end we are going to see, if we play good games, win your games and you finish top seven or top ten I think that’s a good step for the club in this moment.”