First Team 15/05/2019

Watch: #ImagineIf

Anyone who knows Watford, knows. We’ve had amazing highs, but all too often, they’re followed by equally painful lows.

Watch players, staff and fans talk through the great moments of 1984, 1999, 2006 and 2013 but then reflect on the difficult periods that followed each.

#ImagineIf, in 2019, things are different.

#ImagineIf we can end this chapter with the greatest moment in the Club’s history.

First Team 15/05/2019

Capoue: “We Need The 12th Man”

Watch Étienne Capoue's pre-FA Cup final press conference above, or read on below.

Étienne Capoue says Watford need their supporters to play a huge part in helping the Hornets overcome Manchester City in the FA Cup final.

City won 14 straight league games en route to sealing the Premier League title and are the overwhelming favourites in the media – but that does not matter to Capoue.

The former Toulouse and Tottenham Hotspur man is happy to be an underdog – it’s a position that gives you the opportunity to strike unexpectedly and upset the apple-cart.

“Everyone says we have zero chance – so we are going to take it,” said the Frenchman.

“Everyone says Man City is a top team, everyone thinks they are going to win it easily, so we are going to try and beat them.

“We have to stay focused for 90 minutes, that is the most important thing for us.

“When we played away against Man City we played a very good first half, and the second half started with a wrong decision from the referee. That killed us mentally, but if we can do it [again] in this way we can be dangerous.

“Nobody is expecting us to win, so we are working on our side very quietly. We are going to give 200 per cent because we’ve got the chance [to win]. 

“It is normal for them to win every game, but we are going to try, we are going to give everything. Nobody expects us to give a good game, but I think we are in a good position because of that.

“In every position they have two top players, so we need the 12th man. That’s it.”

The Golden Boys have won just once since the dramatic events of the semi-final against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

“In the last three games we were unlucky, but this is football,” said Capoue, as he brushed away any criticism. 

“We just need to finish well, because we are focused on one game now – just the final.”

On a personal level, Capoue has played fabulous football this season. He was duly named the club’s Player of the Season last week in an awards evening at Wembley, and will now hope to add a team achievement to his honours list with a win against City.

“It will be the biggest game of my career,” said the midfield destroyer. “It has been my best year in football. 

“I am playing in my position, I’ve enjoyed it, and the coach has given me the freedom to do what I can do. He talks to you as a friend, he tries to put everyone on the same page and he creates a very good atmosphere between us.”