First Team 11/06/2019

My Matchday: Gerard Deulofeu

The Golden Boys talk us through their matchday rituals, routines & habits.


Not just on a matchday but all through the week I always eat chicken or fish with vegetables and some pasta or some rice. The way I eat now is much better than in previous years. My weight is exactly perfect for performing well at the weekend.


On the bus I always sit with Pereyra, Kiko and Masina. Sometimes we play a game on the iPad called Parchis. It’s like a dice and board game. Sometimes Masina brings a speaker too and he puts on some music.


Before I used to but now I don’t really like to listen to music too much on a matchday. If I do it’s because somebody else has put something on.


When I get to the stadium I always stay in the dressing room and have some physio before the warm-up. Some players like to go and look at the pitch but I don’t really do that.


I wear the same type of boot every game. I have a special boot made for me with a protector at the back of my foot and I feel really good when I’m wearing it. Every three months I change my boot but it is always the same model. 


Here in England I am playing with leggings because I feel much better this way. Also when it’s cold I wear gloves and under armour. Towards the end of the season it’s too hot for those things though. 


I do have things I like to do as part of my matchday routine at home and at the stadium but I like to keep them secret!


During the whole week I eat, train and rest well and then after a game I normally go for dinner with family and friends to eat something different and relax. There is a restaurant in Mayfair which I think is the best in England!

First Team 10/06/2019

The Final Interview: Miguel Britos

Miguel Britos speaks to Kevin Affleck in a frank and forthright interview as he leaves after four years with the Golden Boys.

The defender, who now plans to return home to Uruguay after over a decade in Europe, says the thing he will miss the most is the people at Watford.

Watch the video above, via the Hornets' YouTube channel, as we bid farewell to Britos.