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Watford Head Coach says there's much to play for in the final four Premier League fixtures

Mazzarri | “Always Find Incentives”


Walter Mazzarri says he is hellbent on coaxing the best out of his squad in the final four games of the season.

The Hornets' remaining matches may look like dead-rubbers to those outside Vicarage Road, but the Head Coach showed he's not taking his foot off the gas by putting the players through a gruelling week of training in the wake of the defeat at Hull City.

He says he'll make decisions on next season based on what he sees in games against Leicester City, Everton, Chelsea and Manchester City.

“I always find incentives in every game,” said the Head Coach.

“There are still four games remaining and we will try to play good football, get positive results and get points where we can.” 


The Hornets reached the 40 points mark three games ago and have lost the last two. Mazzarri decided to ramp things up in training ahead of the Liverpool game and although the result did not go the Hornets' way, he felt he got the response he wanted. 

“Last summer many of my colleagues, aside from those in the first six, were talking about this magical mark of 40 points and reaching it as soon as possible,” he said.

“We managed to reach this with still six games left. Then we went to play at Hull. I am not only the manager of this team but also its number one fan and I don't want players to think they have relaxed when we reached 40 points.

“I was angry after Hull and only wanted to give one day off but then I gave two. I made them work very hard after that defeat.

“I am happy I went with the right answer as my team played very well [against Liverpool]. My team gave everything and I would do it again.”  

Walter Mazzarri got the reaction he wanted against Liverpool despite defeat

Mazzarri has made no secret of his wish to create increased competition for places next season by having two players for each position. He has made the players aware they are auditioning for their spots next season in the final four games. 

“The club knows what I said to them,”  he said.

“We have got clear ideas. We've still got four games to evaluate the team and even though I've got a clear idea, it is still important for the players to go on to the pitch and give everything in order for us to understand better about next season.

“Next year I am sure we can do even better. We knew this season would be much more difficult than the previous one as it's very difficult to consolidate in the Premier League. We can have a great Premier League next season.” 


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