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Watford keeper randomly picks 10 questions out of a hat and answers them

In The Hat | Heurelho Gomes


Who has been the most important person in your career?
It’s difficult to say, but I believe the one that helped me so much is Guus Hiddink. In my time at PSV he was the one that gave me the opportunity to play in Europe, and I also learned from him great things and good football.

Toughest striker you’ve faced?
Didier Drogba for sure – 100 per cent. He was strong, a good finisher with his left and his right, and he upset me a lot as well!

Gomes saves a Drogba penalty while playing for Spurs in 2010

If you retired tomorrow what would you do with the rest of your life?
I cannot just stop, I need to be prepared for it, and I am preparing for it now. It will be in football. I don’t yet know what I will do but I will definitely stay in the game.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
The power to never upset anyone. Sometimes we say things that we never want to say, and sometimes that can make people upset or think differently about you.

Who in the squad has the worst dress sense?
It’s a good fight for this, but for sure Kabasele and Cathcart – they only dress in tracksuits and never wear anything different!

If you could have played in any team from the past which team would it be?
To play in a game for Brazil in the World Cup would have been great. I played in a few games for them but never in the World Cup. The team from 2002 was the team I would have wanted to be in most.

Gomes has played for the Brazilian national team 11 times

Who is the biggest practical joker in the team?
Nordin Amrabat. He is the one, a proper one! He gets me every time.

Which team did you support as a boy?
Cruzeiro. I played for them as well and that was a great feeling. It is different when you support a team from when you are so little and then you become a goalkeeper of that team. I won in the first year three big tournaments in Brazil. The league, the cup and the regional competition as well. That was a dream come true.

What is your favourite meal?
I think I have to say fillet steak with pepper sauce.

If you weren’t a goalkeeper, which position would you play in?
Well I actually started out as a striker when I was younger. I didn’t become a goalkeeper until I was about 19.

Article first published in The Hornet (Watford FC match programme)


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