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Watford defender randomly picks 10 questions out of a hat and answers them

In The Hat | Christian Kabasele


Who would play you in a film of your life? 
Denzel Washington. He’s my favourite actor and it would be nice for him to be in my shoes and explain my world. 

World Cup Final, penalty shoot-out, are you taking one?  
No! We have a lot of good players for Belgium who can take them better than me, so it’s not my job.

Who’s the best set-piece taker you’ve played alongside?
Kevin De Bruyne. He is a fantastic player, his technique is incredible and he can pretty much kick it where he wants. I think he has two hands rather than feet! They’re magic.

Kabasele & De Bruyne featuring together as Belgium Under-19 teammates in 2009

Who was your childhood team? 
Arsenal. I started watching them during the time Thierry Henry was playing, so it’s nice he is one of my coaches in the national team now.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you have been?
I started studying law during my college years, so maybe a lawyer. 

Who’s the toughest striker you’ve faced? 
Laurent Depoitre. I played against him last season in the Belgian league and now he is at FC Porto, but he was the strongest and most powerful I played against. 

If you could trade places with a teammate for a day, who would it be? 
Troy Deeney. He’s the captain and normally the captain has the advantage that no-one else does, so I’d say Troy!

Kabasele would most like to trade places with captain Deeney

Apart from football, which sports do you enjoy watching or playing? 
I like the NBA. I watch a lot of basketball and sometimes tennis. 

What’s the best ground you’ve ever been to? 
For the moment it has to be Anfield. The result wasn’t what the team wanted, but the stadium is incredible. 

What’s your favourite holiday destination? 
I like to go to New York. I’ve been twice and it’s a big city with a lot of things to do. It’s very nice. 

Article first published in The Hornet (Watford FC match programme)


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