First Team 08/12/2019

Capoue: “The Fans Were Incredible”

Étienne Capoue was disappointed the team didn't manage to reward the unwavering support of the fans with that first home league win of the season yesterday, but is comforted by the role they look like playing in this escape act.

The home crowd got right behind the team from the minute new Head Coach Nigel Pearson was introduced to the crowd, carried on when Hayden Mullins was thanked pre-match for his interim stewardship of the team and then stayed behind at the end to applaud the team off for a performance that could be described as nothing less than wholehearted.

“First of all, I’m frustrated we couldn’t take three points and we couldn’t score,” said Capoue. “The fans were incredible and it felt like we are not bottom of the league. I think it was good and the fans didn’t give us the feeling like we will go down, which was really good and we need this every game and we need to keep this feeling because they really deserve it.

“Every time we try to attack or counter attack we feel the fans straight away. You get a push more than usual. I know the fans here. I’ve been here four years, this is my fifth year. I know the crowd will always be outstanding so I am not surprised by these very good fans.”

Capoue was pumped yesterday and it bodes well he was so animated at full-time, demonstrating he plans to lead the fight in this bid to get out of trouble.

“I think we created a lot today, maybe not enough of clear situations,” he said. “We just need to keep going because we know it’s just one dribble, extra touch or extra pass. It’s just about one small thing but if we keep going it’s going to change. We take a point sometimes but it is only one. We just need to work to get a lucky game to put us the other side and start winning games.”

First Team 08/12/2019

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