AMRABAT: “It Was A Tough Game”

NORDIN AMRABAT believes that with a bit more quality in the final third, Watford might have taken more from their 1-0 defeat to Leicester this evening.

The Hornets had their chances, but were ultimately defeated by a piece of quality from Riyad Mahrez early in the second-half.

"We need to play a little bit better in the last 30 metres," conceded Amrabat, speaking to watfordfc.com after full-time.

"In our own half and the mid-line of the pitch we play well, but when we are in the last 30 metres sometimes we don't make the right choices. Sometimes the last ball is not good and we need to improve that.

"We have a lot of quality - Ighalo and Deeney are both top strikers - they play in front and we try to feed them and give them balls, but today we were a little bit unlucky.

"We have a good team spirit but if we improve our play in the last 30 metres of the pitch then we can create more and I think we will take a lot of points in the last weeks."

Amrabat admitted he was impressed by the Foxes, who are now five points clear at the top of the Premier League, but the Morocco international's over-riding emotion after a second one-goal defeat in just a few days was disappointment.

"It was a tough game, both teams played really compact and it was a hard game. After Wednesday when we lost 1-0, now to lose again 1-0, the whole team is really disappointed," he said.

"Leicester City are a really good team. They wait until we make a mistake and then they create danger with a counter-attack. They are fast and they have good strikers.

"We created some chances from the wing and from some second balls, but it was difficult and we are disappointed. Now we need to look forward to Saturday or Sunday in the FA Cup."

Named the Hornets' Man of the Match for his efforts on the right-flank, Amrabat said he'd have happily traded that award for a Watford win.

"I appreciate it, but for me it's not really important," he said.

"Football is a team sport. When you win and you are Man of the Match then it's nice, but I'd prefer to take three points than to lose and be Man of the Match."

First Team 02/03/2016

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