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The Recite Me accessibility and language toolbar is available on this website. The toolbar provides a number of features to give a visitor full control over the customisation of the website to suit their needs. These features include screen reader, styling options, reading support and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices.

To open the toolbar, please scroll to the top of the page and click on 'Open Accessibility Tools' to access the toolbar. A tutorial video can be found on HERE.

Access Statement

Full details of the club's provision for supporters with all types of disability, including visiting supporters, can be found in our access statement.

Updated Access Statements for season 2020/21 will be available as and when Vicarage Road stadium re-opens to supporters.

Read the Watford FC 2019/20 Access Statement HERE.

Read the text only version HERE.

Queries should be directed to our dedicated mailbox for disabled supporters:

For any queries relating to season tickets, stadium access enquiries or our provision for disabled supporters, please contact Supporter Liaison & Disability Access Officer Dave Messenger ( For any queries relating to individual home or away match tickets for disabled supporters, please contact our Disabled Liaison Officer Shelly Newman (

Watford FC Accessibility Tour

You can take a tour of our accessible seating provision, including entrances and toilet facilities, below. The tour includes a highlight reel on which you can select the area you are interested in. It also gives you 360° views from the seating areas and you can click on target icons for more information about each area.

Disability Cards

Watford FC launched a set of Hidden Disability Cards during the 2019/20 season.

The new addition is a non-mandatory card scheme, which will allow all supporters with a hidden disability to order a card containing messages relating to their particular needs, which can be given to any member of staff to enable supporters to access all of the disabled facilities.

The scheme is something that a number of clubs have introduced and details will be shared with other clubs ahead of all away fixtures, so that they can also be used while following the Hornets up and down the country.

Supporters wishing to apply for a card should email their name, Fan ID and details of which card or cards they would like to We may ask for supporters to send proof of eligibility, in some cases.

The cards available include:

  • Please wait for me to sit down, in case I fall
  • Please be patient, I have a hidden disability
  • Please be patient, I am visually impaired
  • Please be patient, I have difficulty in speaking
  • Please face me and speak clearly, I lip read
  • Please help me find my seat
  • Please be patient, I have had a stroke
  • Please be direct, I have autism
  • Please count out my change with me
  • Please scan my ticket for me
  • Please be aware I have epilepsy
  • Please speak slowly, I am hard of hearing

Accessibility Guide

In addition to our Access Statement, the Hornets have also worked in partnership with AccessAble, to produce detailed pan-disability accessibility guides for the Vicarage Road Stadium.

The accessibility information in these guides aims to assist fans with disabilities and provide an additional resource to help home and away supporters plan their visit. 

For more information click HERE.

WFC Enables

WFC Enables is the supporter group for people with disabilities at Watford Football Club.

Enables was established in March 2007 by a group of enthusiastic Watford supporters and Watford FC staff to provide a voice for disabled supporters.

The group is in regular dialogue with the club relating to stadium development and the improvements to facilities for the disabled, and also creates a social forum for supporters to enjoy meeting and talking about what drives them on - Watford FC!

For more information visit the WFC Enables website HERE.

Euan's Guide

Watford FC is also listed on Euan’s Guide, the disabled access review website that aims to ‘remove the fear of the unknown’ and inspire people to try new places.

We encourage all visitors to Vicarage Road to leave a review by clicking HERE.

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