Season Tickets 2022/23: Update On Next Steps

By: Watford FC Staff

Following the recent completion of Season Ticket renewals, Watford FC is pleased to provide details of the next phases of the 2022/23 Season Tickets timeline, as detailed below.

The ‘Ask The Family’ opportunity will run first, between Monday May 16 and Sunday May 22. This allows existing Season Ticket holders to add family members – who are on the club’s Official ST Waiting List – to their existing Season Tickets group. Contact should be from the existing Season Ticket holder.

Afterwards, we’ll take a couple of days (Monday May 23 – Tuesday May 24) to close down the current season and refresh our systems ready for 2022/23.

This then provides the opportunity for the annual ‘Seat Movement Window’ between Wednesday May 25 and Friday May 27, when you’re welcome to enquire about relocating within the stadium. There’s no charge for this service, other than if you’re moving into higher price-category seating.

For both the ‘Ask The Family’ and ‘Seat Movement Window’ phases, contact will need to be in-person or over the phone to ensure we’re able to offer a personal service in helping with what are sometimes quite detailed requests.

If your ‘Ask The Family’ request relates to a family member with a disability, or your seat move request is a result of a change in your stadium access requirements, please contact the club’s dedicated Disability Access Team in the first instance: email or call 01923 496262.

Once the ‘Seat Movement Window’ closes, we’ll then offer new Season Tickets to those on the club’s Official ST Waiting List by way of outgoing phone calls and emails.

All of this will be completed before the Sky Bet Championship fixtures are published on Thursday June 23, ahead of the season start date of Saturday July 30.

Everything above is detailed in timeline format on the pdf accessed by clicking HERE.

Please get in touch with the Supporter Services team should we not have covered any specific information you may need.

In-person or phone callers (01923 223023) are welcome between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, or you can email the team at

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