Season Tickets 2020/21: Secure Your Seat

By: Watford FC Staff

Watford FC's Ticket Office Team is pleased to be introducing 'Secure Your Seat', giving reassurance to valued Season Ticket Holders (STH) that they'll be able to renew currently-held seat(s) at the earliest available opportunity during the 2020/21 campaign.

Season Ticket (ST) prices will be frozen from last year, and all those in the Phase 2 renewals group will be able to access a single Phase 1 renewal price.

A refundable deposit payment of £20 per ST seat will act as a reservation, giving first option to purchase when 2020/21 STs are offered for sale.

Until supporters are able to attend full capacity, the Hornets intend to run a Match Ballot to populate The Vic for reduced-capacity fixtures. The Match Ballot will be addressed in separate communication - and will take into account all feedback received from the recent 'Returning To The Vic' survey completed by many thousands of Hornets' fans.

This 'Secure Your Seat' option will have no bearing on the ability to access any reduced-capacity fixtures played at The Vic during 2020/21. For absolute clarity, STH status for the 2019/20 season will be used in this regard, as we work within the framework of Covid safety guidelines.

In Detail: 'Secure Your (Season Ticket) Seat'

In the continued circumstances of football fixtures once again about to take place with no fans present, we wish to reassure you that Watford FC is preparing for the return of our supporters (at whatever percentage of Vicarage Road's capacity is deemed safe) as the 2020/21 campaign nears.

In doing so, we wish to set out arrangements to reassure you that our valued STH (Season Ticket Holders) are at the heart of our decisions relating to fans returning to The Vic.

With a full return for supporters clearly still some way off, we wish to offer all STH the chance to confirm they intend to purchase a 2020/21 Season Ticket. A refundable deposit payment of £20 per seat will secure your ST seat - giving first option over renewing when the opportunity arises. Note: ST 2019/20 credit held cannot be used against this deposit payment.

Once a date has been confirmed for a fully-open stadium, we will then publish pro-rata prices based on the number of 2020/21 home league fixtures remaining to be played. The £20 will be deducted from your renewal price, along with any credit balance we're holding for you against your 2019/20 Season Ticket purchase.

STH should be aware that, while this is a unique requirement, this refundable deposit does act as the first part of the renewal process for whenever STs are next made available for purchase. It applies per seat, regardless of location or pricing class.

To reiterate what was stated above, there will be one single renewal price for all current STH. Therefore Phase 2 buyers (post-2015 promotion) will be able to join Phase 1 renewers by purchasing for Season 2020/21.

The 'Secure Your Seat' offer is live from 10am today (Friday August 14) and can be accessed via the 'Secure Your Seat' specially-created event once you've logged in to your ticketing account online in the usual way at - please be sure to check your account details are up-to-date and all STHs in your party are correctly linked.

This 'Secure Your Seat' purchase will not show any existing Season Ticket information.

The usual 'Seat Movement Window' will take place once the full ST renewals process has concluded.

The club's Ticket Office Team are happy to support you with any help you need; maybe a reminder about logging in or if you've not accessed the ticketing website before. Just give them a call on 01923 223023 or email


We know there will be some valued STH who will not be able to attend matches when the stadium re-opens, for a variety of health or other reasons. Where intentions are to return in the future, even if that's as far along as the 2021/22 season, please do still use the 'Secure Your Seat' scheme. Whatever you decide to do, please feel free to contact Dave Messenger, the club's Supporter Liaison Officer & Disability Access Officer, to discuss any concerns you may wish to bring to our attention: 01923 496397 or

No payment is required to retain season car parking. Bookings for supporters with 2019/20 seasonal car parking passes are secured until such a time that seasonal renewals can take place. Details relating to the availability of car parking on a matchday will be issued when the 'Match Ballot' details are published.

Will you be able to watch or listen to Watford’s games live?

Yes. And Watford FC will therefore be continuing its live video streaming show on a matchday, changing name from ‘Hornets Hive’ to ‘Hive Live’ to better reflect the new services set out below.

EFL rules allow for supporters to watch a live video stream or listen to a live audio stream of their club’s home & away matches for a fixed fee.

In the case of live audio, it’s a single payment to cover the whole season.

To watch live video, a match pass (which costed £10 for UK fans and £5 for overseas fans in 2019/20) can be purchased.

Some games are not available to view in regular (non-Covid-affected) circumstances; these include Saturday 3pm kick-offs and broadcast rightsholders’ selections.

Before the season starts, The EFL will make clear to clubs which of these constraints – if any – are to be waived while Covid restrictions apply to the number of supporters able to watch matches at stadia.

The club’s long-standing relationship with BBC Three Counties Radio is also in place, offering free-to-air commentary – mainly on FM frequencies.

The full range of matchday options, including updated pricing, will be confirmed directly to Hornets’ supporters as soon as possible.


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