Reaction: Bachmann Reflects On Coventry Loss

By: Watford FC Staff

Daniel Bachmann spoke to after Watford's 2-1 defeat at home to Coventry City in the Sky Bet Championship.

Read what he had to say below...

We started incredibly well, and got a fairly early goal. We were comfortable in the game, then just a bit of a shambles of a goal to give away. We didn’t clear the ball properly, and then we get done on the edge of the box, and then the referee gives a penalty.

Even after that we have had 60 minutes to score a goal and we didn’t, and they did so, it is difficult to sum up. Performance-wise it was one of the better performances we have had in recent weeks, that’s for sure. It is just at the moment the little details that count.

The referee is always going to give it [the penalty] as soon as there is any contact. He kicked me really, really hard. It is not like he is sliding into me, he is kicking me hard, my tricep is bruised and swollen, but I am not going to complain. That is not going to define our game, that is the fact we didn’t score the goals.

[Did the penalty shift the momentum?] It didn’t feel like it did. They didn’t really create that much, and they have had one [shot] after levelling the game where they have had a shot, and then at the start of the second half [Haji] Wright was in one-on-one. I didn’t think they created anything.

We have had most of the ball and got into good positions, but we weren’t ruthless enough, and that is just the situation we are in, the ball just doesn’t want to go into the net.

We have a whole week now to prepare for the next game, to make sure we put the same performance on the pitch, with the same effort and same mentality. We just keep doing what we are doing and hopefully we can turn our fortunes around with scoring more goals, and defending better at the back.

The atmosphere was fantastic throughout the game considering we were losing - after we scored it was absolutely rocking. As I said on Wednesday after the game, we do understand how difficult it is because we are footballers and we want to win every game we play.

Like I said on Wednesday, we know how much they [the fans] love the club and we understand everything that comes our way from a negative perspective.

When it comes to them it is difficult, probably even more so because they can’t really affect it. It must be frustrating when you can’t affect something that you love and it must be difficult, but all we can do is just keep working hard, keep applying the right mentality and making sure we do the right things and then hopefully we can turn it around.

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