News: Women Support BLM With Personal Squad Number Selections

By: Watford FC Staff

Watford FC Women are proud to announce player squad numbers for the 2020/21 season.

On Saturday June 6, 2020 in a highly emotive and powerful online meeting between the squad, Watford FC decided they wanted to make a change by finding a way to support the Black Lives Matter movement and help raise awareness for black history.

As a collective it is believed that education and visibility are vital tools in addressing the current issues in modern society regarding race and discrimination. Members of the Watford FC Women’s squad have selected a squad number that holds personal significance in relation to black history and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Watford FC support the Black Lives Matter movement and will continue to find ways to help the players, staff and people associated with the club in vocalising and representing their views and beliefs.

Emma Beckett and Renée Hector are the first members of the squad to discuss their number selections in a powerful video that highlights the reasoning behind this decision. Throughout the season, Watford FC Women squad members will share the story behind their number as we aim to provide a platform for continued education and celebration of black history.

Grace Williams, Watford FC Women’s General Manager, said: “It’s been a powerful few months with the team, with all the players leading these discussions. They have shown that they are not just a team on the pitch but all come together to support one another off the pitch. This is something we all feel passionate about, we want to understand and take a stand.”

Renee Hector, who was racially abused back in 2019 on the pitch by the opposition, has been overwhelmed by the support from her teammates.

“I am so proud to be part of this club,” said Hector. “It doesn’t want to just make a change on the pitch but it’s looking beyond the pitch to really have an impact on the world.”

Megan Chandler, who has been a strong lead throughout the discussions, added: “The team and I got together and decided we wanted to make a change that has a lasting effect. This isn’t just an ‘in the moment thing’. We want to raise conversations and questions as to why we have these squad numbers, and that may educate some people on black history.”

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