Duxbury On Deeney: Chairman’s Comments On Club Captain

By: Watford FC Staff

A personal message from Hornets’ Chairman & CEO Scott Duxbury as Troy Deeney's 11-year spell at Watford FC comes to an end...

“Through the many highs and the occasional lows, Troy Deeney's name has been inextricably linked for 11 years with Watford Football Club.

“I believe we have been good for him and I know he has been incredibly good for us.

“For my own part I reflect, as Chairman and CEO, on a very positive and mutually respectful relationship with Troy where we've always sought to find outcomes that achieve success for the club and everybody associated with it. This hasn't always been easy, but if you know Troy like we do, then you'll know the easy option would never had led to the success we've enjoyed together.

“He has shared the low points and the extraordinary high points of the club's journey under the ownership of the Pozzo family, including creating moments that will last a lifetime in the memories of all Watford supporters - none more so than 'that goal' in May 2013.

“Now it is only fair that Troy tells you directly how he feels.”

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