Dennis: Hornets Forward Answers Supporters’ Questions

By: Watford FC Staff

Hornets forward Emmanuel Dennis responded to questions asked by supporters on Watford FC’s midweek show, Inside The Hive, which takes you behind the scenes and through all areas of the club.

Enjoying an explosive start to the season, the Nigerian joined the club in June 2021 and has already played a key role, scoring four goals and making five assists, the second-highest Premier League player for goal involvements.

You can catch Dennis’ appearance on Inside The Hive above, with Hornets legend Tommy Mooney and host Michael Kurn in the studio alongside him.

Dennis On...

Joining the club:
“I’m enjoying every part of being here. I’m really happy that I chose to come here. I love having the fans in the stadium, when you score and they scream and it’s one of the best feelings.”

The Premier League:
“It’s really tough, the intensity is really high, but I’m a very fast player, I love running, so I’m finding it easy but there are a lot of quality players. Most players want to be in the Premier League. I’m here and happy.”

Watford Head Coach Claudio Ranieri:
“[Ranieri] is an experienced manager and won the Premier League with a team where it is difficult to win it. I was really happy he came here. I just listen to him, what he says I follow. In training he calls me '32 Touches'. I’m always on the ball having too many touches, but he’s trying to make sure I do things the right way. For me, sometimes I don’t care if there’s five defenders, I’ll try it and if it works, it works. But sometimes that’s hard for my teammates. He’s only been here for a few weeks but it’s going really well.”

Speaking to Ranieri after the Manchester United game:
“I said to him that he promised dinner if we got a clean sheet and asked can we still do dinner? He said 'no no no, it wasn’t a clean sheet!' The team will choose (where we eat), so will probably choose Salt Bae.”

Being the funniest player:
“In the dressing room I’m the clown, always trying to make them laugh, so sometimes when I tell them I’m nervous they say ‘it’s impossible, you being nervous!’ They never believe me, but I’m always very nervous.”

On hitting the ground running:
“It’s really important because you’ve just arrived and you want to play well, it’s very important for you and the club and you need to help the team, which I’m doing and am very grateful for.”

One versus one football match against former Hornets striker Odion Ighalo:
“One versus one? I’d smoke him!”

His idol:
“Ronaldinho. He was really different and I used to watch him when I was growing up. I was really into him and his style of football. As I grew up I switched over to Ronaldo, Hazard – I just watch everybody because I’m a fan of football so I love very good football players. I’m a fan of every good football player so I watch every football player, even my teammates. I then pick and try to add it to myself.”

Quality within the squad:
“There are lots of quality players – Cucho (Hernández), (Ismaïla) Sarr, Joāo Pedro, Imrân (Louza), a lot of players. We don’t just have a lot of quality players; we have a lot of young players who are ambitious. Every training session is really intense. If you slow down someone will take it. You want to train 100 per cent, you want to play 100 per cent. If you don’t train good or play well you know that someone will come in and play better than you. I like the group and everyone is working good.”

Leicester City:
“I remember watching them and it’s the Premier League so it will be a tough game. High pressing, running and chasing. They’re not a team that wants to keep the ball and play. We just need to be ready for anything that comes.”

Jamie Vardy:
“I think every player knows Jamie Vardy. He is a very good player and very fast which will be a problem, but we will see what will happen at the end of the day.”

To watch the full episode of Inside The Hive, visit the official Watford FC YouTube channel HERE.

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