Official: Watford FC & WUKA Announce Partnership

By: Watford FC Staff

Watford FC is pleased to announce a partnership with locally-based, female-led start-up, WUKA, who produce the UK’s first ever reusable and leak-proof period wear.

The partnership aims to educate, break taboos and combat period poverty in our local community.

200,000 tonnes of disposable pads and tampons are sent to landfill every single year in the UK, each containing vast amounts of polluting, single-use plastic. WUKA replace these single-use options with comfortable and sustainable period underwear. This aligns with the club’s sustainability movement, as this drives waste reduction and has a smaller carbon footprint.

As part of the partnership, WUKA will have branding at matchdays for both Men’s and Women’s team fixtures; this will provide opportunities to ‘normalise’ conversations and break taboos. Watford FC and WUKA will also work together to identify those in our community experiencing period poverty to be able to provide individuals with WUKA period pants - meaning access to safe, hygienic products in order to minimise the impact their period has on their ability to go about their daily life.

Dave Messenger, EDI Lead at Watford FC, said: “We are delighted to be working with WUKA, a company which cares about people and the planet. We are looking forward to working with the team at WUKA to support our fanbase and local community on this important topic.”

Ruby Raut, CEO & Co-Founder of WUKA, added: “We’re proud to join forces with our local team, Watford FC, to highlight the importance of women’s health, in particular the menstrual cycle, within football. WUKA believes periods shouldn’t hold anyone back and with our reusable period pants and athletic wear, this no longer has to be the case. Reaction times, injuries and mood can also be affected by the menstrual cycle, so it’s time for players, teams and fans to become more educated on the issue. We look forward to working with the club and engaging with the local community.”

WUKA is a female-led start-up offering the UK’s largest range of reusable, leak-proof period wear for teens and adults. Founded by Ruby Raut, a passionate environmental scientist based in Welwyn Garden City, WUKA period pants completely replace tampons and pads, absorbing up to four tampons worth of liquid and able to be worn for up to 12 hours with no odours. Inclusive, sustainable and ethically made, WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass, because everyone with periods should feel confident and protected during their period. Pants start from £12.99. Available in light to super heavy flow. Sizes 2XS to 6XL. Click HERE to find out more.

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