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By: Watford FC Staff

It’s time for another edition of 100 Questions – the series which helps give our supporters an additional look into the minds of the Golden Girls’ squad.

While Helen Ward is someone that many fans will know a lot about already, her answers to the 10 questions selected at random will certainly give you a unique insight into Watford’s skipper.

For instance, who needs to see a comedian when you have the Hornets’ number 10? Find out more below!

International travel has been banned and we’re stuck in Great Britain. You have a two-week break, where are you going?

So, another pandemic?! I’m going to say West Wales. It’s beautiful, full of incredible scenery, food, and good people. Plenty for us to do and see.

You’ve been put in charge of the club’s media department for a week, how do you run things?

I’m going access all areas, behind the scenes stuff. I feel like that’s the content people like to see. Getting an insight into how a club works day-to-day and seeing the personalities of players and staff. A change from the usual game/training footage, you know?

You can only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what do you select and why?

Oooh that’s a tough one, at the moment our family song is The Nights by Avicii. We played it a lot on holiday and the kids love dancing to it and singing it. It’s got a cool message too, so I’m going to go with that one off the top of my head, though I’m sure I’d live to regret it soon enough!

As a now famous influencer, you are able to advertise anything in the world, what do you choose?

Would it be inappropriate to say chocolate?! I’m just thinking of the freebies to be honest! I would, of course, advise people to eat it in moderation. All about the balance, right?

You can ensure one conversation is always off limits, what do you never want to discuss ever again?

Season 2021/22. I don’t think I need to say much more about that.

You can create your perfect footballer using five players from the past or present, who and what do you choose?

Michael Owen’s finishing, Kevin De Bruyne’s passing range, Cristiano Ronaldo’s leap/aerial ability, peak Gareth Bale’s pace and power, and Lionel Messi’s feet. Not sure we can get better than that?

What is the one sporting profession that you admire the most for what they go through?

I’m going to say track and field athletes. I just think the levels of performance and the fine, fine margins between success and failure, and then to have to deal with that as an individual athlete must be so hard. The lack of funding and support as well. Their drive and determination to put themselves through tough, physical sessions is incredible and it’s usually fighting an uphill battle for support and recognition.

Your team is 3-0 down in a cup final and it’s up to you to give a motivational half-time team talk, what do you say?

Having been in a losing position a few times last season I should be well versed at this one! I mean, it depends on how the game has gone but I suppose it’s going to be trying to motivate everyone not to give up. To say that if one team can score three in a half, then so can we. I’d ask everyone to leave it all out there and believe in themselves and hope that the tide will turn! Emphasis on not conceding early would be in there too, and similarly, if we could get an early goal, who knows what could happen!

Name the three things that you like most about yourself/feel are your best qualities?

My best qualities… wow. I’d like to think I’m a fair person in that I consider others whenever I decide to do or say something and do my best not to hurt or upset anyone. I’d say I’m very loyal and will have the back of anyone in my corner, and I’m going to go bold here and say I’m top three (probably top one) in the team for being funny, but you need to get to know me first and then it’s the old ‘you’re quite funny, aren’t you?’ line.

You’re in New York and have two free tickets to any Broadway show, what are you watching?

I LOVE the theatre! I’d happily go and watch anything on Broadway I reckon but if I had to choose right now, I think I’d go for something like MJ The Musical. His music is something else and I reckon it would be unreal.

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