First & Last: Craig Cathcart

By: Watford FC Staff

Hornets defender Craig Cathcart talks us through his picks for our quick-fire 'First & Last' interview...


First: It was a Seat Leon, 1.6 engine. I remember it was midnight blue.

Last: I recently ordered myself a Tesla.


First: My first proper game as a kid would have been a Rangers match; I think it was on a day when they won a trophy too against St Johnstone. I used to go to watch Linfield as well.

Last: I can’t really remember, probably one of our games when I’ve been injured sitting in the stands.


First: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That’s my first memory. It used to scare me when I was a kid!

Last: The last film I watched was Johnny English Reborn, it was hilarious. Mr Bean is a legend.


First: It was probably one of the Now ones, but I can’t remember which one.

Last: I just downloaded the new Ed Sheeran album, that’s my most recent one.


First: I went to see Snow Patrol in Belfast probably about 10 years ago.

Last: Also Snow Patrol in Belfast about 10 years ago. I don’t really go to any concerts!


First: It would have been for Royal Antwerp. I scored two goals in my first two games.

Last: It was Spurs away at Wembley last season.


First: My first pair of boots were Hi-Tec, remember them?! My granny bought me them. They were terrible but that’s all we could afford back then.

Last: Now I wear Adidas Copa 20.1 boots.


First: It was my dad’s, one of those Nokias with the flip down bit and the antenna. I got the hand me down from him.

Last: I’ve got the new iPhone X, I think it is.


First: Probably my best memory of winning one was the Northern Ireland Cup for my home team St Andrew’s. I was probably about 10 or 11.

Last: They gave us a medal for being runners-up in the Championship that no-one wanted.


First: I remember it. At Man United they gave us cooking lessons, so I cooked pasta, tuna with tomato sauce and sweetcorn.

Last: You’re going to be impressed. I made courgetti bolognese. I went out and bought the spiraliser and everything.

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