Gino Pozzo

Honorary Life-President:
Sir Elton John CBE
Luther Blissett OBE DL
Graham Taylor OBE (listed in honour)

Scott Duxbury (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer)
David Fransen (Non-Executive Director)
Stuart Timperley (Non-Executive Director)
Glyn Evans (Non-Executive Director)

Company Secretary:
Peter Wastall

Watford Football Club's Gender Pay Gap analysis for 2019 can be accessed in pdf format by clicking HERE.

Analysis for 2020 can be accessed in pdf format by clicking HERE.

Readers will note the figures are, unsurprisingly, skewed significantly by the nature of the industry which employs high-earning male football players.

04/09/2012: Amendment to the Company's Articles of Association (click on the documents below)

Written Resolution

Explanatory Statement

Following recent advices and notifications to Club shareholders, it is announced that amendment to the Club's articles of association is confirmed and, for information, a copy of the revised articles is attached.

Articles Of Association.pdf


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All agreements entered into on behalf of Watford Association Football Club Limited (WFC) must be counter signed by the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman. WFC will not accept any contractual obligations that do not comply with this notification.

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