Movember - Billy's Story

In 2012, Watford season ticket holder Billy Adams found out that he had testicular cancer. Now, four years on, he’s sharing his story in the hope it’ll raise awareness of the disease amongst other men…

I was 27 and single when I found what I can only describe as a lump on my left testicle. I had participated in Movember the year before and learned a lot about testicular and prostate cancer, so this had made me check my testicles more often. Testicular cancer is most common in younger men and once I found it I didn't want to chance anything. 

I was quite worried about what I had felt, so I called the doctors. I didn't tell anyone else that I had found a lump because I didn't want to scare anyone and I didn't want to think negative about it. After my appointment I went to the hospital and had scans and the doctor confirmed it was a tumour. I was told very quickly that I would be having an operation to remove the suspicious lump. 

On October 8, 2012 I had the operation and following the operation I was told on October 23 that in fact I had had a cancerous tumour. I had managed to find the tumour in its very early stages and I had no treatment other than the operation itself. It was so important that I had been checking regularly.  

In November 2012 I participated in Movember again, only this time I shared my story on their site and was contacted by them to pay a visit to the HQ in London. It again was very educational and I learned a lot. I also met some other guys who had all had testicular cancer. Now we have a message group on Facebook called ‘The One-Offs’ – quite a quirky name considering we have all had the same type of cancer and operation to remove one testicle.  

In the following months I became a Watford season ticket holder. It wasn’t long after the loss to Palace in the play-off final at Wembley, and it was while watching this game in Watford town centre that I met my girlfriend and soulmate Leigh. 

Along with my family and friends, Leigh has been a rock to me for the last four years. Even after the cancer and the thoughts that I wouldn't be able to have children, in February 2015 Leigh gave birth to our beautiful daughter Emily, who starred in the Birmingham City matchday programme. 

I couldn't stress more the importance of young men checking themselves regularly, and also getting partners to help check. It's so important to keep an eye out and I would urge anyone, not just younger men, to seek medical advice if they find any kind of lump. It's important to talk about these type of issues. Us men don't talk enough. 

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