News: Hornets Join Fight Against Single-Use Plastic

Sky and the Premier League are working together to use their global reach and appeal to raise awareness of the environmental issues caused by plastic. The partnership will aim to inspire Premier League clubs and fans across the world to take positive action and reduce their single-use plastic intake, making small changes that will have a big impact. 

Fans will be able to hear all about the new partnership on Sky’s Monday Night Football coverage of Watford's trip to Tottenham Hotspur. This will include a takeover of Wembley and an appearance by Plasticus, the famous Sky Ocean Rescue whale, made from 250 kilograms of recycled single-use plastic, the same amount dumped in our oceans every minute. 

The Premier League will provide support and guidance on how clubs can phase out single-use plastic from their stadiums and operations. They will be supported by the Sky Ocean Rescue Ninjas, a specialist team of plastics experts who are dedicated to helping businesses reduce their single-use plastic usage. This means in the future single-use plastic litter at matches could be a thing of the past. 

Sky and the Premier League are also coming together to inspire young fans. Through the Premier League Primary Stars programme, which reaches 15,000 primary schools in England and Wales, children will be able to learn about what it means to be single-use plastic free. Using fun games and challenges, they will learn how they can make a difference and educate their parents in the process. 

Scott Duxbury, Watford FC's Chairman & CEO, said: “As a club we are committed to looking at where we can make changes to our operations to reduce plastic usage. We are working with our partners and suppliers to form a sustainable plan to minimise and, where possible, eradicate any reliance on single-use plastic. This is a global issue and it is important that we lead by example to encourage our community and fans to also take action.”

Barney Francis, Managing Director, Sky Sports, said: “Sky Ocean Rescue has been running for just over a year and we are proud of the momentum we have created. We’ve already reached millions of people, inspiring them to make simple everyday changes to help save our oceans. Football has a unique ability to reach billions across the world and I’m delighted that the Premier League, and its clubs are getting involved to further build on our campaign. Today we’re calling on football fans to make a simple change and join us to help stop our oceans drowning in plastic.

Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman, Premier League, added: “We are extremely proud to be joining Sky Ocean Rescue in the fight to save our oceans. As an organisation with a global audience we, and our clubs, are able to encourage people around the world to think and take positive action to reduce their use of plastic.”


Carbon Champagne: A Sparkling Addition For Watford

Watford Football Club and Carbon Champagne are delighted to announce a new five-year partnership, starting summer 2018.

The agreement sees Carbon Champagne become naming rights partner of Vicarage Road Stadium’s new private lounge, which opens for the 2018/19 season.

Hornets’ Chairman Scott Duxbury said: “For the last three years we have worked extremely hard to revolutionise our hospitality offering at Vicarage Road; the great success of new lounges The View and The Gallery pays testament to this. And now ‘The Carbon’ will become one of Watford FC’s most exclusive matchday places-to-be.”

He added: “The partnership with Carbon Champagne signifies the launch of one of the most premium and unique offerings in Premier League football.”

Alexandre Mea, CEO of Carbon, said: “Carbon Champagne are extremely pleased that Watford FC have invited us to collaborate in what is a stunning project and a beautiful facility for its partners and supporters.

“Our two marks share a similar story – great family tradition, the constant pursuit of perfection and a relentless desire to innovate. My family has been involved in making champagne for almost two centuries and at around the same time as Watford moved to Vicarage Road in 1922, my family became producers of its own champagne.

“We have always sought to be different; to set new standards and to chase the dream of creating the finest champagnes possible. At Carbon, we are winemakers first and foremost, and we blend a passion for exceptional wine-making using traditional skills with cutting-edge materials processes to create something truly original.

“For me, this partnership is a perfect match and means just one thing – the future has arrived for Vicarage Road’s matchday hospitality.”

For further information on ‘The Carbon’ please email paul.obrien@watfordfc.com