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My Matchday: Will Hughes

The Golden Boys talk us through their matchday rituals, routines & habits.


There’s usually food set out for us. There’s a limited choice but pre-match I’d have quite a lot of carbs and then a bit of fruit. I’m not really superstitious with food, whatever they put out, I’ll normally eat.


We’ve got our own seats on the coach, so it’s already laid out as to where everyone sits. Sometimes I’ll listen to music, sometimes I won’t, I’m not very particular.


My favourite genre is probably indie, but the boys play all sorts of different music. There’s a lot of cultures in the dressing room and I don’t mind some of the foreign music they play before a game, it gets you going. 


I’ll go out and look at the pitch first. I’ll then come in, start drinking my Red Bull, get a bit of treatment and have a quick flick through the programme. All pretty straightforward for me.


At the moment I’m flicking between a few pairs, I’m just trying a few out really to see which suit me best. I’m more old school when it comes to boots.


It just depends on the weather really. If it’s cold I’ll wear under armour, but I like to keep it simple.


I used to have a couple. I remember I used to always walk on the pitch with my left foot first but I kind of grew out of it and I don’t really have any superstitions anymore.


It depends on the result really. If we’ve lost and I’ve played badly I’ll probably be sulking. I won’t really want to see anyone and I’ll just go home and do nothing. But if we’ve won and I’ve played well I’ll go out for some food with my friends and family.