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Ex-Watford striker chooses the three defining moments from his playing days at The Vic

Defining Moments | Danny Webber



I remember this game in particular because it’s just one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played in. We battered them from start to finish and they were a decent side, plus I got myself on the scoresheet which is always nice.

It was probably one of my favourite ever Watford goals too, and I remember my shirt being about 10 times too big for me because they didn’t really do fitted shirts back then!

I think it was during my second spell on-loan at the club, under Ray Lewington. The club was in a bit of a transitional period back then and the ITV Digital deal had hit them hard, so it was one of the shining lights during that difficult period.

Webber was both scorer and creator as Watford crushed Coventry


It’s a little bit of a sad one, but the way the whole club and town reacted after Jimmy had died is something I still remember and appreciate so much. It was the way the club came together and took to Jimmy which was remarkable, and the class shown by everyone during what was an exceptionally difficult period for myself.

At the time, Jimmy had only been at the club for such a short time and had only really turned out for Watford during pre-season, so the way everyone took him to their hearts was special.

When I look back it’s a fond memory not because of what happened, but the way the fans, town, club and players responded to it. I’m talking about people at the club from the very top to the very bottom, it really overwhelmed me. It was one of the main reasons I kept coming back to the club because it really showed the class Watford had. 

Webber reveals a vest in tribute to Davis after scoring against Gillingham


It’s not specifically a defining moment, but you look at some of the people I played alongside and I just think it was such a special group of people. It’s no surprise that so many have gone onto be top quality managers, such as Sean Dyche and Neil Ardley, and we had so many other big characters.

Playing alongside that sort of character helped me grow up as a person and as a player and gave me the platform to have the career I had. Before I came to Watford I hadn’t proved anything to anybody apart from the odd appearance at United and a bad loan spell at Port Vale.

I’m still in touch with plenty of the teammates I had at Watford and we just had a great work ethic. I learnt so much from some of the senior pros that were there. They really helped me turn from a young lad into a man and I’ll always look back fondly on those times and those people. 

Playing alongside the likes of Dyche was key in Webber's development

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