Club Statement

Watford is a wonderful football club, deeply rooted in its community, and we are here to ensure its long-term well-being and prosperity.
We share your pride at the progress the club has made over the past four years and we will not allow its name to be tarnished by the incident brought to light last week.
Today the preliminary investigation from a firm of solicitors into that matter was completed and the findings will be sent to the EFL. We can assure every supporter the club acted with honesty, integrity and in good faith at every step and is not guilty of any wrongdoing and we are sure this will ultimately be recognised.
The three key pillars of stability, sustainability and growth are just as important today as they were when we first met and spoke with Watford fans back in 2012. Since that time, with the backing of the supporters, we have built both a Premier League side and a stadium of which we can all be proud.
More important is all the good work which goes on at the club every day, by each and every employee, supporter and members of the community. With your help, we aim to ensure this fine work continues to help build a club with a vibrant future.
Thank you sincerely to all fans for their support over the past week, particularly the banner which preceded the Hull City kick-off at Vicarage Road this weekend. We would like to offer our heart-felt thanks for that.
You have always been proud of your club – and rightly so. We will do everything we possibly can to ensure you continue to be proud of Watford FC and its achievements in the future.
You can have absolute confidence and faith we will continue to drive the club forward with ambition, whilst always remembering what makes Watford a very special club for so many people.
We note today that Raffaele Riva has stepped away from his position as Executive Chairman and we wish him well in his future endeavours. Scott Duxbury will now assume this role and be appointed Executive Chairman with immediate effect.
With our kindest regards,

Gino Pozzo, Owner
Scott Duxbury, CEO and Executive Chairman


Chairman's Statement


I have decided to step down as Chairman of Watford FC in order to focus on my other business interests.
For the past four years I have acted with honesty and in good faith in all my dealings on behalf of the club, and the club has developed and grown a great deal in this period.
I fully refute, and will protect vigorously my integrity against, any recent speculation.
It will always be a source of great pride and honour to have been Chairman during a period that has overseen such growth.
Watford has done exceptionally well in the current season and I wish the club and its wonderful supporters nothing but future success.