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ST RENEWALS: Next Year's Ticket, This Year's Prices - Phase Three Now Closed

Posted: Fri 01 Apr 2016
Author: Club Journalist

Hornets' fans asked to 'pay what you paid last time'...

UPDATE 01/04/16:

PHASE Three of EarlyBird 2016/17 season ticket renewals has now closed.

Fans who purchased either a new 
Full or Half-Season Ticket for 2015/16 were able to renew for 2016/17 online at via payment card up until midnight on Thursday March 31.

WATFORD FC is offering just over 14,500 current season ticket holders the chance to renew their Vicarage Road vows for the price they paid last year.

Prices for 2016/17 will remain unchanged from when fans purchased season tickets last year, which means that renewals will be staged across three date ranges - all of which falling in March 2016.

Renewals will start with Phase One at 9am on Tuesday March 1, available to last year's EarlyBird renewers.

From March 11, it's Phase Two; fans who purchased after the EarlyBird window and those wishing to renew by Direct Debit.

And from Tuesday March 22, supporters who bought either a new Full or Half-Season Ticket for 2015/16 will get the chance to renew in Phase Three.

Should season ticket holders miss the cut-off date for their window of time, they'll still be able to renew at the revised price within a later Phase.

As in recent seasons, the Hornets will NOT be posting details of season ticket renewals to current holders.

Details and updates will be posted here at

Please note that a £2 online booking fee applies.


When did you buy in 2015?

- Click HERE if it was during the EarlyBird renewal window (payment card only)

- Click HERE if it was after the EarlyBird renewal window (by payment card or Direct Debit)

- Click HERE if you purchased a new Season Ticket or Half-Season Ticket in 2015/16 (payment card only)

- Click HERE to download 2016/17 Season Ticket terms & conditions.

Please note that a decision on when 'new applicant' season tickets would be made available for sale - if at all - will not take place until after the renewals process has been fully completed (including UGT season ticket holder seat reallocation and the annual post-season renewers' 'Seat Movement Window').