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TOMMIE & NYRON: “They’ve Been Brilliant”

Posted: Mon 26 Aug 2013
Author: Club Journalist

Sports Physiotherapist Kirsty Burrows commends Nyron Nosworthy and Tommie Hoban for their rehab work at the Isokinetic Clinic in London

REHABILITATION from a long-term injury can be a long and stressful process, but exemplary attitudes have proven key in the progress of Watford defenders Nyron Nosworthy and Tommie Hoban, according to Isokinetic Sports Physiotherapist Kirsty Burrows. 

The FIFA accredited clinic, founded in Italy back in 1987, has been home to the Hornets’ players for some time, and Burrows, who has worked extensively with the pair during their rehab programme, believes a willingness to progress has made their stay a real success. 

“Nyron and Tommie have been fantastic,” she said. 

“They’ve come in and got on well with everybody, they’ve been gaining from other athletes’ experience of injuries and rehab.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a banker who has also come in and hurt his knee, or another professional sportsman, they’ve been learning from everyone. 

“They’ve become part of the group, which has given them a nice atmosphere to get better, because everyone pushes each other on. They’ve been brilliant, and they’re very well liked within the clinic.”

Burrows echoed the views of the Hornets’ defensive duo in stating that the atmosphere at Isokinetic has been a key factor in their continuing rehabilitation. 

“It’s a different environment to being with the team," she commented.

“The really good side is that they get to come and really focus on their injury, and they’re in an area where everything is focused on getting them better, and we’ve got all the facilities around to make sure we can push them as hard as we can without doing too much. 

“The atmosphere is really important. If there’s any negativity, it has a real knock-on effect on other people. We have a lot of people that are very positive. 

“The mind of athletes, and the mind of our patients in general is good, because we do a lot of exercise-based therapy to try and push people on. It means people are looking forward and looking up.”

As well as getting Nosworthy and Hoban back on the pitch, Burrows believes a key principle of the clinic’s work is to teach athletes how to look after their bodies, and avoid recurrences of their injuries. 

“There are a lot of things athletes can learn about themselves and their bodies.

“Nyron and Tommie are very good at listening to us, and learning what they can do to be able to reduce their chances of re-injury.  

“As long they have an open mind, and they are willing to learn the sport science and mechanisms of injury there’s a lot we can do for them. 

“Isokinetik as a company has got a lot of history and an experience of working with athletes and especially footballers, so we put them in an environment where they can get better as quickly, and safely as possible.”

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