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Watford FC History

HISTORY: Introduction

WE would like to thank a few individuals, without their help and knowledge these pages would not contain half the information that they currently do.

Our Club Historian Trefor Jones has been invaluable with proving information and statistics. Our thanks go out to him for his co-operation.
He has written the following books on the Hornets.
The Watford Football Club Illustrated Who's Who
All the players and manager since 1881 
By Trefor Jones
ISBN 0-9527458-0-1

Watford Season by Season
A detailed record of more than 4,000 matches from 1881/82
By Trefor Jones 
ISBN 0-9527458-1-X
(C) Black & white pictures used in this history section are courtesy of the Watford Observer, from Ollie Phillips' great book - The Official Centenary History of Watford FC 1881 - 1991.

Other invaluable Watford FC related books available include;
The Golden Boys 
A Study of Watford's Cult Heroes 
By Oliver Phillips
ISBN 0-9528631-6-2

Watford - A Tale of The Unexpected 
First published August 1983
By Geoff Sweet & Graham Burton 
ISBN 0 09508973 0 2 

Also run and developed by Trefor Jones, Watford FC Archives is a factual and statistical record of the entire history of the club.